Cloud Citizen is a singular mega-building design proposal that envisions a Shenzhen Bay skyline of the future. The concept, which was created by Urban Future Organization and CR-design in collaboration with Chalmers Technical University for the Shenzhen Super City Competition, offers a new way to approach urban planning.


Gifts for the 10th birthday ! My first posters, with TS2 images.

Color me sold, needs H&M kit - download

Hollywood prints, needs Teen style stuff - download

My first creations for the game, I’ll try to do others with the base game posters next time. “Hollywood Prints” file contains the basegame cover, US/english and french, you can keep only one of them il you like. It’s the game birthday, so it’s also the players birthday, all around the world.


Mes premières créations pour le jeu ! Le poster H&M nécessite le kit H&M et le poster “hollywood prints” nécessite le kit “Tout pour les ados”. La prochaine fois je tenterai de faire des posters compatibles avec le jeu de base. Je débute, Simpe n’est pas sympa, il ne me donne pas accès à tout, je cherche à comprendre. Sous peu je vous promets encore quelques nouveautés.

Joyeux anniversaire aux sims 2, et aux joueurs de Sims 2 ! C’est votre fête, à vous aussi ! 

Super ! Merci Phinae !



Hi all -

Exciting news! I’ve had the pleasure of contributing in a small way to a great new program for editing Sims 4 custom content. We’re now ready for alpha release, and want you to check it out!

Read more about it and download here:
The Sims 4 Studio v1.0

In this version of the app, you can create replacement or standalone recolors, with multiple variants per package file (with their own swatches). You can also create new meshes for accessories and shoes (clothing and hair coming ASAP). The program integrates with Blender for an accurate, smooth 3D preview as you work. They’re also planning to add functionality for custom animations.

Please take a look, and reblog so everyone sees the good news!

<3 helaene

All coding credit to the amazing Sims 4 Group at Simlogical!

I’m super excited to try this out! :D

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Sims 2 Bonus Items Master Post

I’ve uploaded every Sims 2 bonus item from various different places into compilations so you can download them all much, much easier. I’ve reorganized everything as well so you can find specific files more efficiently. All items have been updated and fixed as needed.

Store Items - DOWNLOAD

Pre-order Items - DOWNLOAD

Miscellaneous Items - DOWNLOAD

Also, in case anyone missed them before, I have the Sims 2 Prima eGuides HERE.

Thank you&#160;! &lt;3

Thank you ! <3

5&#160;000 coups de cœur&#160;!

5 000 coups de cœur !


Digital Painting 100% la vie des bêtes Jipé © 2014 Tous droits réservés - All rights reserved This illustration is an original work, do not use, redistribute, modify, clip, tube or copy
print here:



Digital Painting 100% la vie des bêtes
Jipé © 2014 Tous droits réservés - All rights reserved
This illustration is an original work, do not use, redistribute, modify, clip, tube or copy

print here:


Eyes Remplacement for The Sims 4

Hi !

I think I will be the first one to use the tag s4cc ! ;D

Even if I like the graphic style of the new Sims, I was a bit disappointed by the color choices for the eyes. Most of them were too saturated for me. Now that I’m able to change this, with the new version of s4pe, I want to share the result with you !

They are not perfect, but maybe they will be useful for you ! Just put the file in the Mods folder of the demo.

Download - Mediafire

If you want to edit one of my creations and share it, or use it as a base, please just ask. Don’t re-upload my content and claim it as your own !


For anyone interested in bringing custom content to The Sims 4, I’ve reported the first few steps. Together, we can uncover the rest of what’s needed.