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Colour Cafe:

Built in Oasis Landing.Cafe with pops of colour to break the monotony that is Oasis landing!Also features pickable coffee and herb beans enclosures.

Requirements: All EPS and SPs ( except KPST,Diesel and Movie Stuff and possibly also the 70s,80s and 90s stuff).

No CC or Store Stuff

Lot size: 25x25

Download: Sim3pack , Package ( to be dropped in the Library Folder)

It’s perfect for my sci-fi world !


The Book of Life: La Muerte


Studio Ghibli Scenery

everyone needs a little Ghibli in their game

credit to ::

Studio Ghilbli for the artwork

Mesh by Przemus


( only in package format )

Plaisir des sims a 1 an aujourd’hui !

Plaisir des sims a 1 an aujourd’hui !

Galila, an another alien.

venomremii asked: "Thank you for the follow~"

You’re welcome. ;)

Kalinka is an great priestess of the religion dedicated to the worship of the Great Novas.. And she has a lot of influence with regard to worship.

Elios is an lizard alien. He is an old scientific. And he is passionate about plants